Community Art Events

I offer a variety of art making activities which allow an employee or festival goer to be connected through one or more hands-on art projects. Each project is uniquely crafted with the corporation’s or event’s needs in mind. These activities can include multiple large scale graffiti canvases, like a ‘ Local Color’ canvas which requires the help of all to paint a local landmark or in the instance of the Coke 125 Celebration, a chance to “Design your own Coke bottle’. This was a wonderful way to engage the employees creating a sense of unity.

In 2011 I was asked to partner with Coke for Coca Cola’s 125 year celebration held between World of Coke and the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta,Ga. I conceived and facilitated a “Design your own Coke Bottle” art event for 5,000+ employees and their families. This event took place on May 6th 2011. It was an enormously creative success which gave the participants the opportunity to personalize their own commemorative 125 year Coca Cola poster by designing an art bottle. I designed and facilitated a community art project for Coca Cola’s 2011 global marketing event. This event was intended to unitfy Coca Cola’s 240 executives from 240 countries all over the world held at Mason Murer gallery in Atlanta, Ga. Attendees were given the opportunity to write their own marketing prediction in a crystal ball. These blinking crystal balls were then used to illuminate the word “ALTOGETHER”. This large installment is now permanently displayed at Coke’s world headquarters.

After having designed the first innaugural Riverfest poster, I then created 3 large canvases that the festival goers would participate in painting and signing. This was a terrific way to bring the community together through their combined effort. Most recently I facilitated the Braz Cauz workshop for Florida Hospitall in Orange City, Fla the summer of 2012. The numerous hand made, decorated bras will be auctioned off and proceeds will go to providing mammograms for those in need.