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The weather is warming up and that’s our clue that 2018 summer is just around the corner. For me it’s a time of organizing and taking inventory of my art supplies, brushing up on my graphic design skills for posters and flyers to promote my art camp and  best part of all, getting lots of really creative art projects lined up. If you’re looking for a high quality art camp experience in the Ormond Beach area, then these camps are definitely the way to go. Summer ART Camp at St James Episcopal church is a very happy, positive environment where each student is free to express their creativity and given accolades for trying their best. Each week of camp I make it my priority to have the children experiment with a wide variety of mediums as they create their colorful gallery of art. This I hope will make for a lifelong love of art

This summer marks 20 years of teaching art in Ormond Beach, Fla.!!! Each year gets better and better. I’m offering six weeks of camp to children ages 6-12 years old. This summer’s art project ideas are fresh and exciting and the weekly topics lend themselves to an abundance of creativity.

As always, I will have several teen volunteers on hand each day. These teen volunteers make camp run smoothly. Best of all, many of my teen volunteers are former art campers so they know the ropes.  Win. Win! I’m blessed to have such talented volunteers.

I love what I do. Summer ART Camp is always the highlight of my year so consequently, it’s my happy place. I pour my whole self into it. Here’s to another summer of laughter with abandon, the smiling faces of children and the making of legendary art!

Make ART, be happy!


Kids Art Supplies on a Budget

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What can you do if you want to encourage your children’s creativity and provide them with art supplies and art activities, but your budget is bare bones? When it’s a struggle to simply pay the bills and get food on the table, the idea of shelling out money for art supplies can be far fetched (yes, I’ve been there).

So, what to do?

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Credit:Artful Parent

Credit:Artful Parent

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19 Daily Habits of Artists That Can Help Unlock Your Creativity

Posted by on Mar 25, 2014 in Blog | Comments Off on 19 Daily Habits of Artists That Can Help Unlock Your Creativity

Suffering from creative block? An article from Huffington Post breaks down nineteen ways to get out of your funk!shutterstock_163180895

You don’t have to be a famous painter or sculptor to sympathize with the pains of creative block. Whether it comes on like a giant smack in the face or creeps up on you like a shiver down your spine, we’ve all dealt with the woes of being stuck. You second guess yourself, you dance around ideas and you feel like progress is miles away, all while the joys of creating take a back seat to the pressures we associate with success.

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Keep Your Kids Drawings Forever With the Artkive App

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artkiveMoms, you must download the ArtKive app! Keep your children’s art organized and archived forever!

Artkive Works like this:
1. Create an account and add the first names and grades of your children
2. Take photos of their artwork or upload from your camera roll
3. Tag your photo with the child’s name, grade, date, and title
4. Share with family and friends or turn your Artkive into a book or other great products

Read more about Artkive and how to download here.

Don’t forget if you live in Volusia and Flagler counties, Summer Art Camp with artist Gretchen Neal starts June 9th! Get registration and more information here.

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